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Incubus by dr_mabeuse

She sat up in bed, pushing back the white comforter, her toes touching the spot of moonlight on the wooden floor. She didn't know if she was ready for this, to be dreaming on Halloween. But then, she wasn't sure whether this was a dream.

The shadows of maple leaves moved like sand across the wall as they tossed in the breeze. Outside her window and down the precipitous cliff, the rolling of the waves on the shore was like the sighing of the sleeping world. From where she sat, she could see a big white path stretching across the water, leading to where the moon hung naked in the sky looking somehow startled and embarrassed.

Something was wrong.

Above the gentle snores and steady breathing of the other guests she could hear a muffled thumping from downstairs—alive, urgent, and... [read]

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