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 Muse by Minus Three

It was the beginning of a new month and the street was a mess of moving trucks. When you live on a street of apartment buildings, this becomes a common sight. It only reinforces the feeling that everything is transient. I’d lived in small towns in my youth, but had been drawn to the city since I was 17…some things never change though, no matter how much you try. I’d never been able to shake the minute isolation inside of me for the second 17 years of my life. Get out of small town, be happier in the city, and still feel even more alone anyways. The revolving tenancy of the block brought that into focus every month.

Most of these people I’d never even met. My neighbor had lived in her apartment before I even moved in two years ago and I still didn’t know her name. She was moving now too... [read more]

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Erotic & XXX Reading Lists

The Shed Club (Part Two) by suebram

Sexual experience has to begin somewhere, in this story it begins in a self exploring group
Once Jackie had taken her hand out of my knicks (all in Part 1) and I'd regained what little composure I could muster, Jackie picked up the mag from...
The Bodyguard by Colleen Thomas

A cool action story with great action build up, but the sex is just added on the end as if it were an afterthought.
Sotina was tired, so very tired. It was a bone weary kind of tired that shamed the exhaustion she had known on her home planet. Dukenau IV did that...
Starting Early by Sultanpeppa

This is how I would like to remember my first sexual experiences too, but I remember the angst.
I was a horny bugger from a very early age. I don’t remember how old I was when I discovered that it felt nice when my willy was stiff and that by...
Bare by C.

A delicious description of lust and touch
After being devoured at a distance by one as fine as you, I waste no time. We meet and I ask you to walk me to the metro. Did you strategically wait...
First time gay sex with best mate by randomtimes

A wild first time with a guy.
I was working as a cleaning and it was about 1 am when my mate rang me to see what I was doing, I told him that I was about to finish and I wanted to...
Inspiration by Colleen Thomas

Well written whimsical erotica
Clia Johansen sat at the very back of the darkened auditorium fighting to keep her eyes open. At the podium Professor Roberts rambled on about...
Milking Kimberly by Esmeralda Greene

When Lyle stumbles in on Kimberly breastfeeding a whole mixture of ideas and emotions are stirred up for both of them.
Gary hooked his thumb vaguely in the direction of the room that he and Kimberly had converted to a nursery. "Kim's feeding the li'l one," he said....
Embers of Lust by FireJake

A little different to most other stories, nicely written but seems to lack purpose or meaning.
He stared into the fire once again. The lonely man who wants an escape. Looking to see if he can spot her once more. The fire lady, the beautiful...
First Kiss by Curiousscouser

An intense encounter with a realistic, and amazing introduction to a brave woman.
Everybody told me how lucky I was. Lucky to survive, lucky only one side of my face was cut, lucky most of the damage would be covered by clothes....
Rabbit by Snoggs

A young man invited a young woman to his house for an exciting encounter.
A young man invited a young woman to his house for an exciting encounter.
Rabbit sipped his espresso, bitter, strong. He sat at the table he had sat at for so many mornings now and like each morning he thought back to that...
The Girls with the Blue Eyes by AJBaker

A little strange, but well written. Definitely not for the easily offended.
Now be warned, if you are not legally of age to read literature that involves sex, then you must not read this. If you are offended by sex between...
Ellie by DaisyFairy

Oh if only the strange creature had taken me...
Laying in bed on her side Ellie shivered slightly and pulled the sheet tighter around herself but didn’t stir. The window swung open slowly and soft...
Tee Time by Colleen Thomas

A story filled with innuendo developing into a great climax
Jill Carrington slowly brought her club up. She paused at the top of her swing and then brought the club down, remembering to close her hips and...
The Cheerleader from Hell by darkdrone

A supernatural revenge story some good writing, some poor writing
October 8 the next morning at Darkson High School, Victoria Shannon had a bad case of the shakes. Her hands, legs, and it seemed, every other part of...
Mel's Lunch Date by Anonymous

Top intro to a good story although it is a bit confusing and a bit mundane.
Oh she is so Gorgeous! 5 feet 2 inches tall. Long luscious auburn hair cascading over her back and shoulders. Her skin so soft and creamy and the...
That 70's Sex Show by Baratsbereta

Aggressive pacey writing of incest scenes, not entirely believable.
He couldn’t believe it. Eric was spending his Saturday night at home with his hands down his pants. ‘Man im turning into Fez’ he thought. He wished...
My amazing time babysitting by Anonymous

A fantasy needing more attention to the emotions involved in coming of age.
This is my first post. I will not say whether or not this really happened and let you decide that. Well this has really become an interesting few...
The Death of Joseph Sterling by pDaisy

A moving story that could be extend and expanded into something special.
Crouching in the grass, his heart beating faster than he had ever felt it beat before, he stilled his breathing and pulled himself into a small ball...
Nike a Go Go by Mephistopheles

A story of detailed sex with an android sadly lacking insight in the main character.
Dirt, dirty dirt and sand, dry barren wastelands as far as the eye can see. I'm driving my hybrid jeep, v8 fuel injected engine with a dual overhead...
Helping Her Stretch Out by HET3000

Great description of the sexual encounters but not enough consideration of the characters as people.
Tia stood up in front of Mr. Hill and turned to face Jasmine, and smiled at the younger girl. She looked down Jasmine's body, seeing her pussy still...
Meanderings of a Queer Femme by C.

Moody sensual writing that flows between this and other entries by this blogger.
Splayed out on the bed, the weight of you feels so good on me. My legs wrap around the back your knees, your fingers twist my hair. Five minutes ago,...
Dog-loving Daughter by Kysa

A formulaic erotic story crossing boundaries and taboos in a predictable way.
The brilliant spring sunshine streamed in through the large open bay window. A soft, pleasant breeze was rustling the trees, most of them tall oaks...
Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me by Finallylostit

A well worn fantasy written in detail but without imagination
Hey Amber, I thought you would like this site I really enjoy it. Just set up an account and pm me when you get set up. My screen name is yngandfresh....
Taken by Stan by BackDoorLola

A somewhat dysfunctional relationship lets strange things happen.
I have always harbored a secret fetish for doggy porn, but it’s not something I would ever attempt in real life. A perfect afternoon of self-loving...
Nude Beach Suck by Tennisplayer

A sweet first time tale
Im a divorced 35 year old living in california. I like being naked especially when I can be seen or might be seen. I go to nude beaches and resorts...
Wife entroduces me to 1st MMF experience by JJhotwire

Predictable story of something that should be far from ordinary
This spring a buddy of mine and me planned to cruise up the coast to go ab diving for the weekend. We decided to head out Friday afternoon, camp on...
The Accidental Nudist Cabin by Tx Tall Tales

Getting caught in the rain, losing a bag of clothes and a couplebottles of tequila sure can get things going.
The six of us had been planning on this trip for nearly a month. Three couples, three motorcycles, and a secluded cabin on Lake Texoma. Dan and...
Coquette & her Cuckold by Clayton Long

Good writing in a fairly predictable story.
I had already experienced a number of threesomes in the past with my wife, about four I think. They had always excited me, I’d always got harder and...
Nikki’s seduction of Mr Keenan by Mr Winkey

A pleasant idea of a middle aged man might be fantasising the young woman is thinking about before seducing him.
“End of semester party tonite. Meet @ my dads apartment in the city, we’ll party then crash there! Xx Elli” the sms read. I was so excited! Elli’s...
Madison's Lesson by GrantLee

Somewhere between instructional and evangelical, not really a story.
Madison Benedict bent at her waist to use the soapy wash cloth on her smooth long legs. The warm shower felt good against her soft skin. The last few...
Aaron Carter's 17th Birthday by Jessy19

Aaron Carter's wildest fantasy comes true, sadly the sex is a bit predictable.
Aaron shifted his body as he sat on the big plush chair at his own 17th birthday party. Nick Carter, Aaron's big brother, had thrown him a big...
Dancing with Katie by Hillarysmuff

A fantasy in a realistic setting spoiled by weak, undescriptive writing.
It had been a particularly horrendous week at work. It was very late when I got off of work, and I needed to blow off steam. There was a topless...
Trailing Home by Haremgirl

A real western bodice ripper, well written and worth struggling about the site to find the next chapter.
Liam McKenzie took a long sip of ale while he casually wondered how the little wench was managing to fool the other patrons. He seemed to be the only...
Crab Island by Book_Man_03

A neat piece of stroke fiction that had me going all the way.
A family with relaxed set of moral values head out for a vacation on a secluded island.
"Cara, honey?" said Jack Credy. "Yes, Dad?" "Remember the holiday surprise I mentioned? Well, it's time I told you where we're going. We have...
----CUNT---- by Chandler831

Really rather a sweat story emerges from a quite bullish beginning.
I’ve always been a bit of a gambler and it’s that attribute that has led me into my most perverse and sexual adventure to date. Now granted, I am...
Waiting for Purple by ShyChiWriter

A love story filled with sex and sexual encounters with many varied people, quite an accomplishment for a love story.
Ken looked around at their group of friends nervously. It was a Saturday night tradition. The second Saturday of every month, one of them would...
Weekend Lover by Ada Stuart

A clever short story turning a lot of clichés on their heads.
"I have some good news for you, Abby," Dalen Anderson, the largest hunk in the entire office came walking smilingly toward her. In his wake followed...
Whatever Your Heart Desires by AngelCherysse

Raunchy, raw, volatile language drives through this life changing story.
I had never had a problem with men before I met my husband. I never allowed men to become a problem. Throughout high school, college, then after, men...
Fuck Me, said her mother by Christiano Caffieri

When Brent visits his girlfriend's family he is in for more than he expects, much more.
Brent Harmon knew that his new girl friend had slept with a few guys before him and he was able to accept that but when Tami took him to her home in...
Vice by Minus Three

A cherub at large could have so much fun.
Being immortal is a bit like watching the same reruns on television for hundreds of years. After a while nothing is new anymore; you start to feel...