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 Helping Her Stretch Out by HET3000

Tia stood up in front of Mr. Hill and turned to face Jasmine, and smiled at the younger girl. She looked down Jasmine's body, seeing her pussy still gaping, and her pussy lips swollen. Then she looked up at the, already dried cum on Jasmine's top, "my, my he made a mess huh?" Jasmine slowly nodded at Tia, not sure what to say. Jasmine lightly laughed as she reached out towards Jasmine. Jasmine nervously sat still, looking at her coach with a little fear. Tia grabbed the bottom of Jasmine's top and started pulling it, "we should get you out of this."

Jasmine lifted her arms over head as Tia pulled the top off of her. Jasmine's tiny tits barely moved as her top was pulled off of them. Tia threw the top to the side, and looked back at Jasmine, "so did you enjoy yourself?" Jasmine nodded... [read more]

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Erotic & XXX Reading Lists

That 70's Sex Show by Baratsbereta

Aggressive pacey writing of incest scenes, not entirely believable.
He couldn’t believe it. Eric was spending his Saturday night at home with his hands down his pants. ‘Man im turning into Fez’ he thought. He wished...
My amazing time babysitting by Anonymous

A fantasy needing more attention to the emotions involved in coming of age.
This is my first post. I will not say whether or not this really happened and let you decide that. Well this has really become an interesting few...
Nike a Go Go by Mephistopheles

A story of detailed sex with an android sadly lacking insight in the main character.
Dirt, dirty dirt and sand, dry barren wastelands as far as the eye can see. I'm driving my hybrid jeep, v8 fuel injected engine with a dual overhead...
Mel's Lunch Date by Anonymous

Top intro to a good story although it is a bit confusing and a bit mundane.
Oh she is so Gorgeous! 5 feet 2 inches tall. Long luscious auburn hair cascading over her back and shoulders. Her skin so soft and creamy and the...
Living Glory Hole by TwisteDjinn

A submissive fantasy scene well described.
He said this was my punishment for my vanity. So here I am, in the middle stall of the men’s bathroom at a play party, tied face down ass up to the...
Swinging in the Neighborhood by Walleyeguyj

An episode in an exciting sexual biography, writing is a little weak.
I had just returned home after spending a little over two years fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. I had gotten myself lost in that damn war, I had...
Meeting Pete Wentz by Peterpeter

This author has thought too much about doing the rock star and not enough about the basics of language.
Not only did I get to attend the Fall Out Boy concert in my city, a friend of mine actually got me backstage after the concert. I knew this was my...
The Bicycle Ride by Masterb8

A rape story that tries to convey the horror of the ordeal but falls short.
Just like many young teenage boys my body was growing taller, but it was still as thin as a twig. Unlike many teens I was not into organized sports....
Muse by Minus Three

Threat characters, believable situations, what more could you want, well a little sex of course.
It was the beginning of a new month and the street was a mess of moving trucks. When you live on a street of apartment buildings, this becomes a...
A Disney World Orgy by Jintina

Great characters believable situations and you too will be wanting to find out how it goes.
We rejoin Miles and Kristen at the beginning of session 51. Miles was taking a grave chance at regressing Kristen’s mind so soon after doing so the...
The Bishop's Wife by Wetdreamer68

Hot description of sex told from the woman's point of view, next time maybe a little more story please.
“Oh my God!” I screamed out in utter despair as I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what had just taken place; what had been taking...
Fucking His Little Sister and Her Friends by Fortify

A well written sex scene with detailed descriptions of positions and interaction, but nothing more.
John sat on his porch, smoking a joint as he watched the young girls walk by. Friday meant the teenage disco down the road and a bit of idle purving....
The Shed Club by Suebram

Really hot
A delightful memoir of first sexual encounters.
Hi everyone, and please be gentle with me as I'm new here (at submitting something anyway). I'll post it all in two or three parts, as you may all...